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Landor Office

Studio IV                

Adaptability and Post Modernism            

Location: San Diego, CA

Project Statement:

The design of the Landor, a branding design company, located in San Diego, will integrate the Post-Modern influences found around the city. The playful color schemes and the use of mixed materials such as Hickory wood and Marble tile will help emphasize the style and produce a creative environment for the employees and potential clients. Straight lines and artistic shapes will also be seen around the office to enhance the offices’ aesthetic, while also amplifying the functionality. The layout will incorporate a variety of spaces to provide opportunities for collaboration in order to spark creativity between employees.

Reception View



Mission Valley, San Diego

Post Modernism architecture is most widely seen in the Horton Plaza Mall in downtown San Diego. This Post Modernism plaza was opened to the public in August 1985. The designer and architect who created the Horton Plaza are Ernest Hahn and John Jerde.

Mission Valley is the central hub of San Diego. Downtown San Diego is located 8 miles away and the beach is located 4 miles away as well. Since State Route 163 runs right in between the east and west sides, it makes an easy car commute. The Green Line of the San Diego Trolley System also has many stops through the valley to make it easier for people to commute publicly.

Workers crave flexibility in the workplace and want to be able to choose between a variety of spaces to work in. According to Capital One’s Work Environment Survey, “85% of employees say a flexible design is important to them, and 77% of respondents said they perform better at work when they have flexible spaces available.”

Office Adaptability 

Space Planning:

Landor Criteria Matrix and Adjacency.jpg
Sun Path
Block Diagram
Bubble Diagram



Renderings and Floorplans:

Mezz Open View
Mezz Seating View
First Floor Plan
Mezz Floor Plan
Breakroom elevations

Final Posters:

Landor Poster 1
Landor Poster 2
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