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Pine Pediatrics Office

Studio II                  

Biophilic Design            

Location: Torrington, CT 06790

Project Statement:

Biophilic Attributes such as prospect, light and shadow, and Biomorphic forms and patterns create a feeling of serenity and safety in this pediatric office. In my experience, I always feel more awake and cheerful when there is a hint of warmth from the sun on my face, so I would like to bring this sensation into the space. Including natural materials like oak and pine that are native to Torrington along with a water element for the Naugatuck River mimics the ecology of the city.


Light and Shadow-

Visual Connection to Nature-

Adding light and shadow in the design can be visually appealing to the patients, therefore merging the patient’s focus from the reason they are at the office, to the cool patterns showcased on their surroundings.

This attribute has been proven to be beneficial to our psychological health in the areas of reducing stress, reducing attentional fatigue, and reducing anger and aggression.

Natural Materials-

This attribute not only stimulates the sense of touch but also the sense of sight because of the natural color palette. It was researched that using an average ratio of wood in a space, exhibited a significant decrease in diastolic blood pressure.

Biomorphic Shapes and Patterns-

The forms and patterns mimic the outside world without being so literal. This technique helps reduce stress by shifting a person's focus.

Space Planning:



Renderings and Floorplans:

Final Posters:

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